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What is the best work environment for your people to produce it the most optimal way?

In this section we gather all information on how to organise a safe and inclusive work environment for local production. Any optimizations you suggest or applied to increase the well-being in the workspace can come here. If you want to share your findings on optimizations of the process itself in function of the quality or speed of the process, please use the 'process' section. Don't forget to also share any agreements or governance aspects that go with the arrangement of people in the workspace to the governance section.

Local workspace in Ghent[edit source]

This workspace was built as an open, inviting workspace for people to get to know the project, organising workshops and demonstrating the simple production of Knotplex and its varieties.

The installation is set up in 1 line, standing. From beginning to end, you go through the different making steps. You start with the shredder and end with the press and drying molds.

The process is made very low tech, using no complex materials or machines.

Sheltered workspace[edit source]

In one of our cases, we tried to adjust the workspace and process so that it fits for the people. Some of the criteria were:

  • standing is difficult
  • safety: no fire / high temperature

We made adjustments based on these criteria.

  • the installation was moved to lower tables. Steps such as mixing all ingredients or putting the mix in the mold can happen perfectly while sitting.
  • We replaced the step of heating the glue 'au bain marie', by heating glue pads in the microwave oven. 1 person, skilled to handle the heat can premake the pads, so others only need to heat the pads in the mircowave before adding it to the mix. In that way, the safety issue is resolved.

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