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In August 2021 we, at Timelab decided to formally redesign the residency format we started so many years ago. The decision is based on the growing conviction that a residency should not be a service but a profound and real reciprocal exchange between an artist and the hosting organization that hold the possibility of learning new insights for both. This conviction emerged from the many encounters, feedback and reflections we had with artists over the last 15 years. Since 2017, every year a group of affiliated artists come together in Timelab to reflect on how to develop a residency as a commons. We set up many moments of reflecting and designing of the ‘contract’, value, curation, livelihood, documenting etc. Together we decided to radically shift towards a residency based on PRESENCE. A presence-residency is specific in that sense that there is no determined outcome in the form of a presentation or production. So what is it then? A residency aiming at the personal development and ‘off’ time of the resident to refind grounding, reflect on work and life and explore new ways of living and working from the safe environment of the residency. How an AiR can become a commons instead of a service.

Residencies[edit source]

Every year we invite 2 artist for a residency in Timelab. This residency has no obligations in terms of presenting or producing work. The artists share their daily observations and learnings here. You can step into a dialogue with them by commenting on their work.

Fall 2022[edit source]

Alaa Abul Asud came to Timelab for a residency starting from August 2022 till December 2022.

Read more about his residency: Residency Alaa Abu Asad in Timelab

Spring 2023[edit source]

Freja Emilie Kræmmer Nielsen started a residency in February 2023 and was involved in the Waterlab project. Read more here: Residency Freja Nielsen in Timelab

Fall 2023[edit source]

Open Call: Open Call for Wikimedians-in-Residency

We interviewed different people, all with interesting backgrounds and a lot of knowledge about wiki. We chose to offer the resicency to Wilson. Because of a troubles with the visa, the residency is transformed into an online project. Read more about his recidency here.

Spring 2024[edit source]

Eugenia Morpurgo started a residency in April 2024.

Welcome to new residents[edit source]

We welcome new residents, and made, together with former residents, a welcoming doc!.

Waterlab[edit source]

In 2022-2023, Timelab collaborated with artists, entrepreneurs, citizens, policymakers and scientists to conduct research on the water bodies in the neighborhood of Dampoort - Campo Santo. To read more, have a look here at Waterwijs.

Sprints[edit source]

Every year, during spring time, a group of affiliated artists gather in Timelab to discuss various topics of commoning a residency. Their reflections are published in this section of the wiki.

First section from most recent event is being added here Sprint/2023
check also Sprint/2022