Manual 1 (Operation of the OSL)

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Main parts of the OSL + Description[edit source]

  • Hier komt een foto van het definitieve weefgetouw. (Based on (1) )

OSL is a treadle loom.

  1. Lengthwise yarns : vertical yarns which determine the length of the woven band.
  2. Filling thread(s) : horizontal yarn that determines the tightness of the woven band
  3. Warp beam : contains the lengthwise threads.
  4. Whip roll (zal die er zijn??) : guide for postiioning the lengthwise threads in their horizontal position.
  5. Heddle : wire with an eye in the middle to guide 1 lengthwise yarn.
  6. Harness : frame that holds the heddles and positions them.
  7. Reed : a set of metal plates placed vertically held together by 2 horizontal rods.
  8. Split or dents : the spaces between the reed plates.
  9. Shuttle : holds and protects the bobbin when shot through the gap between the lengthwise yarns.
  10. Bobbin : contains the filling thread which unwinds while passing through the lengthwise yarns.
  11. Lay : tightens the filling thread so that a good cloth fell is created
  12. Cloth fell : the last thread of the fabricated cloth on the heddle side.
  13. Cloth beam : contains the final cloth/ woven band

Sources and references[edit source]

(1) Different parts of loom